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The Sorry State of Israel’s Democracy

It is a turbulent time in Israel. The government, only weeks ago was trying to re-shape the nature of Israel’s democracy – to make it even less multicultural – and now the coalition government has collapsed, with elections called for March. These unpredictable events have their origins in the flare up of the Palestinian- Israeli conflict […]

Freedom of Speech is not Freedom to Abuse

Tacitus wrote that “it is found by experience that admirable laws and right precedents among the good have their origin in the misdeeds of others.” Law is typically written reactively. A law that addresses nothing is itself vacuous, for it has no purpose. Conversely, law itself is a crystalline and stubborn creation. Laws are often […]

Mandela was a radical, and that’s a good thing.

Nelson Mandela was a radical revolutionary, for a time a secret member of the South African Communist Party, and inspired by Fidel Castro’s 26th of July movement he founded the MK (Spear of the Nation), a guerrilla group which set off scores of bombs and probably killed at least 100 people over the course of […]

Psychological Persuasion

In my last post I wrote about two personality traits (broadly speaking) underlying prejudice: RWA and SDO. Since then I’ve been thinking about the research related to how to reduce prejudice – there is, for example, the contact hypothesis – the well-researched idea that the best way to reduce prejudice between groups is to have […]

Put away that whistle: addressing the issue of asylum seekers

Forty years ago the Labor government under Whitlam ended the White Australia policy once and for all when it passed laws to ensure that questions of race or colour would not come into question when considering immigration to Australia. Prior to this, the Liberal governments under Menzies and Holt also played their part in dismantling […]

The psychology of prejudice

Whenever I watch Q&A, the thing I am most often yelling at the screen is “that’s an empirical question!” or “where’s your evidence??” I’m doing a PhD in social psychology, and as a result spend a lot of time reading research papers on topics such as prejudice, morality, ingroup biases, emotions – in other words, […]

Socrates explains racism

Socrates is enjoying some mid-week beers with a few friends. As a keen follower of the footy with an interest in ethics, Socrates has some thoughts on the exchange between indigenous footballer Adam Goodes and a thirteen year-old football fan. Although a number of weeks have passed, some people present feel they have not yet […]

The difference between fairness and equality

Justice is fairness. And there is a difference between fairness and equality. By which I mean there is a difference between treating people fairly and treating people inexactly the same way. It is a failure to appreciate this difference that causes so many people to get so many things wrong. For example, it’s what causes […]

Welcome to Do Not Go Gentle

Tonight we launch Do Not Go Gentle. Do Not Go Gentle is a new collaborative blog set up by a group of largely progressive Melbourne based writers and thinkers. This space will be a place where contributors discuss political, social and philosophical issues from a broadly leftist perspective. Between us we will aim to post […]