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Against the Plebiscite

Poor old Malcolm in the middle. He’s stuck between his quickly evaporating conscience and the conservative base of the Liberal Party. Too clever by half, he thought sticking with the proposed same sex marriage plebiscite (an official poll of all citizens on the question of same sex marriage) would enable him to successfully walk the […]

The popularity of Malcolm Turnbull reveals a problem with the modern left.

Less than a week ago Tony Abbott faced off, and survived, a spill motion that may well have seen him replaced as Liberal leader – and hence Prime Minister – by Malcolm Turnbull. Many of my lefty friends, despite (or perhaps because of) their hatred of Abbott, rejoiced at the outcome. This joy was driven […]

How the Abbott government has created a generation of lefties Part 2

Generally speaking, the budget bodes ill for most marginalised sects of society: pensioners, artists, educators, the unemployed. But I will continue to focus on millenials, since it is with one brilliant stroke that this generation will consolidate its historically-positioned aversion to conservative politics. This is done in a number of ways. Firstly, there is some […]

How the Abbott Government has created a generation of lefties Part 1

The Abbott Government has created a generation of lefties. That might sound like hyperbole, but I don’t believe it is. It’s easy to group generations, backgrounds, occupations, etc. and try to categorise them as a certain type of political demography. Such labelling has its issues but it is done, and for good reason. Certain ideas, […]

Abbott’s radical manifesto.

Well today is May Day. International Workers Day. It has been a long time in Australia since May Day has served as an actual call to arms, but today is that day. Today May Day reminds us of how important Labor governments are. Today May Day reminds us how working people must organise and fight […]

The Case against Private Schools

Education is a good like few others. In our society, we tend to say that if you want more of a good and you have the money to buy more, then that is your prerogative. If you want another car or TV and you got the cash then good on ya. Go for it. If […]

Why Liberty is a Left Wing Concept.

In my last article – A Defence of Generation Y – I hailed under 30s as the freedom generation. I copped a bit of flack from fellow lefties who see individual liberty as a right wing concept; something that lies at odds with solidarity and equality. Let me clarify why left wing people should care […]

A Defence of Generation Y

I am so sick of the unrelenting criticism of Gen Y that comes from old fogeys in articles like this one or in anything that comes out of Peter Hitchens’ mouth (he apparently believes that society itself will collapse once Gen Yers and the values they represent take over). So here is my defence of a […]

Why left wing people should join/remain in the ALP

A workers’ party without popular support is a phantom and a body without a head. Socialism and/or social democracy cannot be implemented democratically without a workers’ party with mass popular support.  This is, amongst other reasons why I will never leave Labor for organisations such as Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative. The Australian Labor Party […]

In economics we should do what works, and austerity doesn’t.

Economics is often said to be more of an art than a science. This is because, unlike in the sciences, it is very hard to draw solid conclusions from empirical data. This might be the case; nonetheless you’d be stupid not to try and draw some conclusions from the experiences of others. And when we look at […]