Do Not Go Gentle is a new collaborative blog where contributors discuss political, social and philosophical issues from a broadly leftist perspective.

Thought up and launched in mid-2013 by a group of largely Melbourne based friends and associates, Do Not Go Gentle is a product of its time, based on timeless ideals. With Tony Abbott dominating in the opinion polls, the mainstream media becoming increasingly populist and conservative, and shockingly sexist, racist and callous incidents and attitudes seemingly dominating our society, it seemed a low point for the Australian left. And something had to be done. In these circumstances a poem by Dylan Thomas – Do not go gentle into that good night – came to mind. The poem calls on the author’s dying father to not just quietly accept his fate but to make a stand and fight against the death he feels coming. And that is what the contributors of this blog intend to do. We won’t sit quietly and watch while mean spirited and/or simplistic thinking becomes the norm. The contributors of this blog choose, in the words of Gough Whitlam, to maintain our rage and enthusiasm. We will use this blog to fight for a sophisticated, nuanced and compassionate political and social discourse. We believe that this discourse should not be unnecessarily academic; it is our goal to write in an inclusive and accessible way. Contributors may or may not agree on issues but we will each engage with our various passions – politics, philosophy, public policy, economics, sociology, etc. – sincerely and we hope that in this way we can in some small sense lend support to the timeless goal of achieving a more fair and decent society.

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