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The Responsibility to Protect

I have seen a lot of left wing commentary opposed to western military action in Syria. Here’s one example. Well, I really hope Bush hasn’t made all lefties isolationists. We live in a globalised world that is, as Marx recognised, divided yes by culture but largely by arbitrary national borders. As left wing people we […]

Voting Greens and the Moral Philosophy of Voting (Why I won’t vote Greens but why I can’t blame you for doing so)

In recent months and years I have heard many good left wing people say they just can’t in good conscience vote for the Labor party anymore (and hence will vote Greens). I don’t personally hold this view, but in this article I want to say that I understand this position. I understand because what’s right […]

The failed war on drugs (part 2)

Let’s Talk About the $10b Elephant in the Room In Australia, discussing drugs, and our laws to deal with them remains largely taboo. This is in stark contrast to the U.S, where legalising, taxing and regulating marijuana has become mainstream Democratic politics, even to the point where many U.S political commentators view favouring ‘pot legalisation’ […]

The failed war on drugs (part 1)

Preamble. This is the first in a series of articles to be posted here on the ‘War on Drugs’, focusing mainly on the Australian and U.S contexts. I hope to make several points throughout this series of articles critiquing the global drug war, particularly when it comes to the politics of these policy areas. Firstly, […]

The Morality of Eating Meat

I consider myself a vegetarian. I never cook meat for myself at home. When I’m out to dinner and it’s possible, I generally eat vegetarian. But my approach to eating meat might be called ‘flexible’ or, less charitably, plainly inconsistent. If invited to a dinner party where only meat is served, I will tuck in […]

Why left wing people should join/remain in the ALP

A workers’ party without popular support is a phantom and a body without a head. Socialism and/or social democracy cannot be implemented democratically without a workers’ party with mass popular support.  This is, amongst other reasons why I will never leave Labor for organisations such as Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative. The Australian Labor Party […]

In economics we should do what works, and austerity doesn’t.

Economics is often said to be more of an art than a science. This is because, unlike in the sciences, it is very hard to draw solid conclusions from empirical data. This might be the case; nonetheless you’d be stupid not to try and draw some conclusions from the experiences of others. And when we look at […]