Posted by David Owen It’s difficult to tell if 2017’s populist, egomaniacal antics are a new permanent fixture in global politics, or simply a final dying gasp of nationalistic ideologies in an increasingly globalising world. World leadership was characterised by far too much testosterone, realpolitik and brinkmanship, best seen in leaders like Rodrigo Duterte (The […]

The change from the ancient Julian to the more modern Gregorian calendar in Russia means that we should actually celebrate the anniversary of the October revolution in November. Once you convert the dates, October 25th becomes November 7th – today. Happy centenary of the October revolution. On this day, the authority of state power – […]

There are Nazis vandalising schools and trams in Melbourne. There are even Nazi training camps in regional Victoria. There are proud fascists murdering people on the streets of the United States. Welcome to 2017, the year of Trump. Of course Trump is both the cause and the symptom. No doubt his election and his rhetoric […]

Well it’s officially winter here in Melbourne. Which means it’s summer in the northern hemisphere. And this summer is the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love. Throughout 2017 I have been emphasising the centenary of the Russian revolution as the seminal event in the history of left-wing politics. It is interesting that exactly fifty […]

One hundred years ago last week, Vladimir Lenin arrived at the Finland Station in what was then known as Petrograd. The violent and incompetent despot, Tsar Nicholas II, had been forced to step down following mass popular demonstrations. He was replaced by a Provisional Government who instituted liberal reforms that even by Lenin’s admission made […]

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day – a celebration of women and feminism with radical socialist roots. Exactly one hundred years ago tomorrow, International Women’s Day brought about the first Russian revolution. Exactly one hundred years ago tomorrow, the women of Russia brought down a tyrant. So, let us celebrate women and the revolutionary history of […]

As we enter 2017, the centenary of the Russian revolution, the world once again stands at a crossroads. Political and economic systems are being challenged from all sides. And they should be challenged. It seems clear though, that the kind of challenge required depends on the context. If I’m honest with myself, in the context […]